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Niagara Construction Association’s new president

Tyler Green seek stronger voice and greater involvement with local stakeholders

Niagara Construction News staff writer

New Niagara Construction Association (NCA) president Tyler Green plans to increase membership value through a stronger voice and greater involvement with local stakeholders.

“I’ve been involved with the association eight years now, ever since I took a course with Emilio Raimondo (past president) (who) introduced me to it,” says Green, who works with Cotton Inc., a local concrete contractor. “Each president comes to the position with things they want to address or see changed and for me, it’s greater value for the members.”

Saying the association was idle for many years, Green says there is little value in being simply a source for drawings. “We need to focus on gaining member confidence and reminding them this is the place to come. We have many things in place to help, things members may not know about. Things are changing so fast we want to bring people back to the association so we can be there to help them along the way.”

“If there are issues with construction, with procurement, we want to know,” adds Green. “We have the ability to sit down at the table and make sense of changes, make sense of processes and ensure our members are represented.”

Part of increasing the NCA’s voice, according to Green, is ensuring those who drive business – the region, the municipalities and chambers of commerce – know about the  association and that it is at the forefront of people’s minds.

That voice also extends to provincial and national connections. “I was fortunate enough to attend the Canadian Construction Association conference recently and it allowed me the opportunity to connect with people from the Grand Valley Construction Association, the Hamilton-Halton Construction Association, the Ontario and Canadian Associations,” Green said. “The conference established ties for us locally, provincially and nationally which will help us moving forward be more active as a voice for the region.”

“The Niagara region is preparing for significant growth, both in large projects and spin-off work,” says Green. “We are also gearing up for that work and ensuring our members are involved.”

For more information, visit niagaraconstruction.org.



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