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Neelands Refrigeration Ltd. wins contract for work on 21 new Target stores from Ottawa to Niagara

Ontario Construction Report staff writer

Target’s initiative to convert 124 former Zellers locations in Canada this year has set the stage for a diversity of remodelling projects, valued at $10 million each on average, requiring about six to nine months to complete.
Though in many cases subtrades are contracted for one or two stores in their immediate geographic ranges others, like Neelands Refrigeration Ltd., have obtained larger contracts.
“We met with Target before they took over the stores and provided quotes based on a basic prototype,” said Neelands’ construction manager Tom Quaglia. “Target then did its homework into our manpower and the number of stores we could handle.”
Neelands provides commercial refrigeration services and so far has been assigned to 21 stores from Ottawa to Niagara. “We have roughly 10 stores on the go at a time and at the peak, had 35 of our staff of 45 active on the projects,” says Quaglia.
To create the Target experience, the company has set high standards for the remodeling work. “Target bought their own equipment, provided very thorough and particular specs, employed a refrigeration consultant and in the end the result for them and us is a successful installation.”
After the stores open Neelands will continue its relationship with Target, serving as a service provider for the refrigeration units.
Target will be one of the first retailers to apply for LEED certification for all of the stores it opens in 2013. The certification level may differ from market to market, depending on each site’s circumstances. The company will focus on energy and water savings, waste reduction and recycling.
Target is known as a one-stop-shop, offering of products for the home, personal care and beauty, grocery items and seasonal products. In addition, the company is known for its unique design partnerships with brands like Kate Young, Roots Outfitters, and Nate Berkus.



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