Niagara Construction Association — Next phase updated for generals, prime contractors

infinitesource on demand

In June, the Niagara Construction Association switched over to a new BestBidz electronic plans room software platform. The second phase of NCA’s plan to enhance electronic bid opportunity communication and document access is to address how generals and prime contractors invite their sub trades and supplier to bid on their projects, the association said in an announcement to members.

“Presently general or prime contractors are using a wide variety of means to invite subs and suppliers to bid their projects –
from fax/email distribution of a bid invitation with linkages to an FTP site or Dropbox or to using any of the bid invitation software packages on the market such as SmartBidNet, GradeBeam, Invitely, Merx to name a few,” the members’ notice said.

“The feedback we have received from sub trades and suppliers that have to deal with numerous general contractors is the challenge of all the different systems. We understand the learning curve and difficulty staff face having to access construction tender documents in a multitude of different sites and the time spent doing so.”

Effective in September the NCA and Infinite Source “will be offering an exciting opportunity to build a comprehensive online network for the purposes of restricted bid invitation and document distribution at no cost if you are a member of NCA,” the association said, through “On Demand,” described as “a leading-edge electronic bid invitation and documentation control system.”

Infinite Source vice-president Steve Sulpher will provide an overview of the system on Sept. 9 between 3 and 5 p.m. at the NCA offices. The association encourages general and prime contractors to RSVP  by Sept. 5.


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