NCA seeks members’ interest in CCDC documentation program

NCA ccdc2

The Niagara Construction Association is considering holding a seminar on CCDC and Standard Documents.

Eric Lee, from the Canadian Construction Association and executive director of CCDC would be the speaker.

“Come and learn directly from the authors of CCDC documents so you can better understand the roles, responsibilities and risk profiles of the different parties in CCDC 2,” the event proposal says. “There will also be an overview and Q&A period of Canadian Standard Construction Documents.”

NCA general manager Karin Sheldrick has asked members to indicate their interest in the event within the week

It would be relevant to owners, executives and managers from construction buyers, architects, engineers, contractors, and allied professionals (lawyers, insurance/surety advisors) in the construction industry.  “Each delegate will receive a hardcopy of CCDC2 and the accompanying guide CCDC 20,” says the event proposal.


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