Agreement Of Establishments The Right Of Pledge


    The creditor (pawnbroker) has the right to retain the mortgaged assets and to transfer the property to the shares or participating nanzins or to sell the mortgaged assets. This sale can be made by public auction, by commission contract (normally, in this case, a commissioner is appointed in advance in the deposit contract), or the deposit taker has the right to sell the mortgaged property directly to a third party. However, there is a restriction on the listing of shares on the stock exchange: they can only be sold on the stock exchange. With regard to commercial leases, the overall objective of the use of the rental object is to take advantage of the benefits of the object. Therefore, in the case of commercial leases of private shares and shares, the commercial taker has only the right to participate in the distribution of the remaining profits and assets in the event of the dissolution of the company in place of the shareholder. The amendments distinguish between the satisfaction of rights guaranteed by one right of appeal and the satisfaction of rights guaranteed by another right. Assets that may be subject to a consignment contract are governed by section 11 of the Act Parliament defines assets subject to the deposit contract as assets; receivables, trees, multi-year descendants, intellectual and industrial property rights, raw materials, livestock, income and income of any kind, all types of licences and guarantees that are not registered with another registry and are not in the form of authorization documents, Rental income, rental rights, commercial equipment such as machinery and equipment, tools, construction equipment, electronic equipment, including electronic communications equipment, consumables, inventory, agricultural products, trade names and/or company names, commercial or commercial enterprises, plates and commercial lines, commercial projects, transportation and personal property , property rights and rights recorded in this paragraph and held by third parties. As part of the mobile instructions procedure, a new practice has begun. The register called the Register of Trade in Motion (TARES), which must be managed by the notary, introduced a concept that did not exist under Turkish laws on instructions. Registration of the agreement on the instructions in the register The new rules on the application of pawn rights now define the procedure for the most part and clarify the procedure and also liberalise the application of participatory actions and interests.

    First, from 2009, the circumstances necessary to carry out a promise were clarified. If the amount of the outstanding debt exceeds the value of the mortgaged property by 5% or if the debtor is more than three months late, the creditor is entitled to enforce the collateral in court or in an out-of-court proceeding. The only restriction is that the pledgeee is an individual: in this case, the collateral can only be carried out through pre-judicial proceedings. In the event of a violation of a right of appeal, the pawnbroker may demand the benefit. If the debtor surrenders, the pawnbroker receives the security and the pawnbroker automatically receives the right to pledge it. If respect is a transfer of ownership of real estate, the pawnbroker is entitled to the establishment of a mortgage. The pawnbroker can meet his requirements by making the new guarantees.