City Of Coquitlam Collective Agreement


    The comparison sets the stage, as neighbours Port Coquitlam and Port Moody are also negotiating new collective agreements for their unionized employees. These contracts expired on December 31, 2015. About 900 unionized workers in the city of Coquitlam have a new contract. It was agreed that there would not be a minimum number of hours for the “shut-down” notification. The construction phase agreement does not provide for a preference for positions, the allocation of overtime and/or minimum declarations of change of position. Overtime is 8 hours 15/30 minutes per day and/or 41.25/42.50 hours per week. 28.2 If one of the parties announces it in writing, this agreement will remain fully in force and effective: and neither party will change the terms of the agreement (or increase or decrease the wage rate of a worker for whom collective bargaining is conducted or change another length of employment) until: The collective agreement with CUPE Local 386, announced today (Thursday) by the municipality, provides for a 9% pay increase over the next five years: President, CUPE Local 498 Chief Administrative Officer (b) A dismissed employee may apply for a position. (iii) converted into an average individual income pension payable at normal retirement age, or (a) Operations and Parks and Services Division 15 part-time. The severance pay is based on the employee`s salary at the time of the employee`s dismissal.

    b) Full-time maintenance service – Exceptions 17 Although the normal hours of part-time work are seven (7) hours per day, it may be necessary, in certain circumstances, to modify the work schedule to meet the contours mentioned above. The employer will endeavour to inform the worker as much as possible. (i) a lump sum payment at the time of termination or retirement or LAXRARY ITEMS TO FACILITATE LONG DISTANCE HAULING OF RECYCLABLES The compressed weekly schedule consists of eight (8) 7 3/4 days and one (1) 8-hour day; Although the employer reserves the right to plan an employee for nine (9) hours without a dasslover fee if a statutory leave occurs as part of a statutory leave.