Custodian Agreement India


    HDFC Bank Deposit Services are THE SOX and ISO 9001:2008 complaints and are known for their high operating standards. We were the first bank to be named prince of deposit of the National Stock Exchange. 12.1 Plenipotentiaries, powers, etc. The Fund will immediately execute and provide these appropriate and necessary or desirable agents, powers or other instruments to enable the custodian to provide or perform child care services. 2.3 The Fund protects and is responsible for the retention of all identification keys, identification codes, passwords, other security features or bank statements used by the administrator to make it available. With respect to the promotion and not the limitation of the above, the Fund is fully responsible for the security of each party`s monitoring terminal, access to the terminal and its correct and authorized use, and the introduction and application of effective safeguards for the terminal, in the event that the Fund uses an online service offered by the custodian. When the Fund uses an online or similar communication service provided by the Administrator, the Fund is responsible for ensuring the security of its access to the service and the use of the service and only strives to access the administrator`s service and computer systems. When the Administrator makes available to the Fund computer software for the services described in this agreement, the Fund will only use the software for the purposes for which the manager made the software available to the Fund and will comply with the licensing agreement provided to the Software and all other security policies made available to the Fund by the Administrator. 7.6 Advances. If, for any reason, the custodian makes an advance related to this agreement to facilitate liquidation or, by other means, to the Fund (whether a principal account or agency account is deviated during or at the end of a working day), the Fund: 8.7 new countries. The Fund is required to inform the custodian in a timely manner of an investment project to be held in a country where no sub-depository is authorized to act, so that the custodian has, if it deems appropriate, sufficient time to adopt an under-assistance scheme in accordance with that right. In the event that the administrator is unable to make such arrangements before the acquisition date of the investment, the administrator is authorized to appoint a local custodian after being disclosed to the Fund. The use of the local custodian is carried out exclusively at the risk of the Fund`s existence.

    The custodian is responsible for the actions of that agent, insofar as the custodian has confiscated from that agent all the damages caused by the Fund to that agent, provided that the custodian takes all reasonable steps necessary to assert his rights against that agent and that the custodian is liable for the losses or damages or expenses caused by the intentional fault of the custodian. , bad faith or negligence. Notwithstanding the above, the administrator is liable for the fact that, where, (a) the custodian`s negligence, bad faith or intentional fault is the cause of the refund or b) of a transaction or other transaction or other matter between the local custodian and the local custodian that has nothing to do with the fund, which is the cause of the loss or injury. After years a) or b), the administrator is responsible. 6.4 Futures and options. The administrator becomes, in accordance with an instruction, a contracting party to an agreement with the Fund and a futures trader with respect to the margin (“Tri-Party of such risks continuously in accordance with Section 8.5 of this section”).