Norog Study Agreement


    With respect to the company`s right to vary the work, it was made clear that the contractor`s obligation to do so will apply even after receiving a “guide” and not only after receiving a formal change decision. (11) This is a practical and welcome clarification. The company is often hesitant, prudent and sometimes ineffective in assigning an order of variation, while proactively monitoring and tracking the progress of the project and giving instructions when needed. The contractor must carefully review and review these instructions and determine whether he or she believes that changes in work are included in the instructions; As a result, instructions are often not implemented as quickly as necessary. NTK 15 Mod stated that the contractor must immediately implement an instruction. On the other hand, the company can, in principle, examine with as much care the instructions given to the contractor as when awarding a variation contract. 06 – Norsk olje og gass anbefalt modellavtale fàr AMI f-r bruk p` norsk sokkel (word) (pdf)Vedlegg 1: AMI model agreement (word ( (pdf)Vedlegg 2: Letter from MPE – Standard AMI (Norwegian version) The next phase will include detailed engineering and modelling that will form the basis for the evaluation of construction and review. Equinor has contracts for conceptual studies to develop the Wisting project in the… In 2019, GCE also supported CCB Subsea with pre-project funding to explore the international potential of its sharing platform. The contractor`s obligation to respond to the “instructions” of NTK 15 Mod is based on the previous Norwegian total contract of 2007 (hereinafter the NTK 07 Mod) between Norsk Hydro ASA and Statoil ASA, on the one hand, and Norsk Industri, on the other. The previous NTK 07 Mod for offshore processing projects was negotiated in parallel with the 2007 Norwegian total agreement – a STANDARD EPC (I) contract for new construction and transformation projects comprising a substantial part of a new building (NTK 07) – and the 2007 Norwegian manufacturing contract, a standard contract for manufacturing orders (NF 07). They have been developed between the same parties since the mid-1980s.

    (1) The differences are reflected in articles 1.9, 1.17, 1.18, 10.4, 23.2 and 29.1.