Select Baseball Parent Agreement


    Off Campus PE “Skool of Baseball” – Baseball Nation/TCA will host an OCPE program at TCA for classes 6-8. Students will train 3 days a week with high intensity. Activities include strength and fitness, speed and mobility, dynamic mobility and injury prevention exercises. Students also have a minimum hour of baseball skills working 5 days a week. This program is suitable for the surrounding school districts of OCPE Curriculum. The baseball nation expects the best from coaches, players and parents. No matter what the rules are, but codifying and discussing them has three advantages. First, it gives parents an idea of how you`re going to coach the team. There is the scene of how much his child will play, in what positions and in what situations.

    Second, the discussion of the rules determines the behaviour you will tolerate on the field or on the sideline. Third, it gives parents the opportunity to decide whether your team is for their child and for them. 15. I will renounce public complaints about coaching and other players with parents. I don`t always agree with the way the team is trained, but I know that these reactions won`t help. Preseason Meetings and team contracts are perfect for setting ground rules. Meetings ensure that no one can claim ignorance of the team`s rules, and a contract is a good thing you should have in your back pocket if it is necessary to remind someone of these rules. I would even suggest that you ask the parents what their goals are, and then include them in the contract. This shows that you are dedicated to two-sided communication. However, it is important to have a list of waitings written to parents. The key is not to make it threatening or confrontational – it starts the tone on the wrong foot.

    We have to be on one side and we have to do it together. Some of my basic rules (for both players and parents): 20. I will do everything in my power to make it a positive experience for my child, other players, families and coaches. I`m going to do my part to contribute to this baseball family! The nation/TCA baseball staff is 100% dedicated to your child`s development. We are interested in investing more than one season with each athlete and we will teach them the skills needed to continue through each level. Athletes will be able to perform any skill with consistency and confidence. Our goal is to provide young baseball players with an entertaining and safe environment in which they can play and grow in the game of baseball.