Clayton State Registration Agreement


    Registration/Stop Registration Delete: How to Register Step by Step. To register for courses, log in to the SWAN portal / start the DUCK (icon in the toolbar) / go to Student Service / Registration / Create your schedule / select the semester / then follow the instructions on the page. To access the DUCK for the first time, you need a PIN code derived from your MMDDYY birthday. You must accept the enrollment agreement if you are trying for the first time to establish your schedule for each semester. We must comply with the guidelines established by the institution and/or donor of the scholarship. Unless indicated by the donor, scholarships may be reimbursed to cover the cost of your life related to your registration. HOPE covers about half of the mandatory royalties (the state set a ceiling for HOPE funds a few years ago). The student is responsible for paying the remaining balance. To access the DUCK, log in to the SWAN under Full payment of tuition, fees, accommodation and food is due on or before the published payment deadline, but no later than the first day of classes in each semester. Please check the due date of the teaching on the Internet or at the end of your calendar/invoice. Check the important registration information cross-registration can be the answer! Cross Registration is a program offered by member institutions of the Atlanta Regional Consortium for Higher Education, which allows you to enroll in affiliated schools while you are still enrolled at Clayton State University.

    Please read all the information listed below before applying. If you wish to apply for cross-registration, complete the cross-registration application and submit it to the Student Secretariat (Edgewater Hall suite 239) until the published date. For more information, please contact the Student Secretariat at (678) 466-4145 or email Rebecca Gmeiner, University Regenerative. If you are unable to pay by the published billing deadline, you may be removed from your courses for non-payment. You can re-register during the late check-in period and your account is charged $100 for late fees. Study Tip: Your postgraduate programme director will advise and guide you through your postgraduate programme. Contact your Director of Postgraduate Programmes as soon as possible for advice and information on enrolment. The name of your program director appears in your letter of accreditation. See the list of all current graduates.

    Vaccination certificate: Your vaccination history must be transcribed by your doctor on the CSU vaccination form. The form is available on the university`s health website. If you have full registrations or if you already have national registrations and need to transcribe them on the correct form, the University Health Services is subject to a fee of USD 5.00. We need a copy of the donor`s letter or instructions with the funds. Cash, cheques, credit cards, payment orders, cash register cheques and debit cards….