Scheduling Agreement Idoc


    The IDoc is returned to the EDI base, which updates the status records. A delivery plan is a framework contract between a supplier and a customer. A sales plan (not to be confused with the purchase plan) is a long-term sales contract that contains the details of the delivery plan and deliveries to the customer are made according to the schedule provided in the document. Switch to the delivery plan modification mode (va32 transaction) and manually find the delivery plan by typing the criteria in the “Other search criteria” section of the change image. If necessary, modify the delivery plan so that it corresponds to the IDoc. The system edits each IDoc in the background taking into account the particularities you have indicated in the customizing. On the basis of IDoc criteria, it determines the contracting entity and the corresponding delivery plan. This structure must be filled with head level data from the delivery plan to be established. Hello, I am new to SAP and IDoc. If I have an IDoc and have booked for SAP. I received an error message stating that “no delivery plan could be found” According to the help file, the system checks the client/hardware based criteria No, what other field is needed in the Idoc to reserve for SAP? Please call me.

    Please note that this delivery process uses delivery plans as an example. External agent receipts and self-decounted documents sent by EDI are treated in the same way. I look at the VA02 under Menu Tools -> partner functions customers-> I can`t see the SH (partner functions) that I previously added. Why if I can, I put the new shipping code available in the functions of the customer partner. I hope my question is clear. Thank you in advance for your help – Process code: ME10 &ME11 (IDOC_OUTPUT_ORDERS and IDOC_OUTPUT_ORDCHG) The customer usually sends several material numbers and the corresponding classifications in a delivery plan. System ResponseThe system terminates IDoc processing. If you have an answer to this question, use the form of your answer at the bottom of the page instead. . The transactional code for creating a distribution plan is VA31. The BAPI used for the preparation of delivery plans is SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE.

    For more information about customizing incoming IDocs settings for component vendors, see C ontrolling Incoming EDI. The fields in this structure must be filled with `X` when they are filled in the structure SALES_HEADER_IN. . 3. ITM_NUMBER – Item number – VBPA-POSNR – This field must be filled with `000000` for header Level Partner and VBAP-POSNR for Item Level Partner. Some of the parameters that are given to this structure are:. When a customer sends a document via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), it is converted into an intermediate document in SAP format before being entered into the SAP system. . .