Telecommuting Agreement Legal Form


    Terms and Conditions. The telework contract is subject to the following conditions: payment and attendance. All requests for salary, leave and travel are based on the employee`s main place of activity. The employee`s time and presence are recorded as the completion of official tasks at the company`s main site. Hours of work. The employee`s working time and place of work are set out in the Annex at the end of this Agreement. This Telework Agreement applies from [Agreement.CreatedDate] and applies until [Agreement.EndDate], unless otherwise terminated in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The employee agrees to assume all responsibility for any damage, injury or loss that may result from this telework contract, including loss or damage to equipment provided by the employer. Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent the Employment Agency from taking appropriate disciplinary or adverse measures against an employee who fails to comply with the provisions of the Telework Directive or the directives and procedures adopted by the Employment Agency and/or the House of Representatives.

    The continuation of the telecommunications agreement is subject to a trial period ____ week/month. This test period begins on ____ and ends with ___ This trial period does not alter the ability of the employment agency to terminate at any time, with or without reason, the telework agreement or the employment relationship, as long as such a measure is not contrary to the legislation in force or the internal regulations.