Vehicle Rental Agreement Philippines


    The tenant is responsible for the TOTAL VALUE, regardless of the fault. Regardless of the brakes in the rented vehicle, it is the responsibility of the renter to repair/restore the original. In case of damage, the tenant is responsible for the conclusion of the lessor and to report to the owner. In case of damage, the lessor will not recover the renter`s deposit, unless all the damage caused to the vehicle has been repaired or repaired and approved by the owner. i. Tires: The renter pays for exactly the same tire. ii. Smoking or bringing durian in the vehicle: customers pay PHP10000 for cleaning fees. iii. Lost Keys: Customers pay the reseller`s price to REPLACE ESPECIALLY FOR REMOTE KEYS/key duplication. iv. All other damages: the customer pays all fees and the daily rental price until the vehicle is repaired or restored to its original condition and approved by the owner. v.

    For keys lost / or locked in the vehicle: Car rental Davao performs 24 hours of breakdown on the vehicles and contact details are provided to the renter. If the renter asks us to provide the duplicate, we have certain fees depending on where the vehicle is located. Province P20.000.00 plus gasoline from front to back, Davao City P5.000.00 plus gasoline from front to back. We reserve the right to refuse the booking if the tenant does not meet any of the requirements. The rental location may also refuse to rent to the customer if he or someone in his or her business/party behaves in an unacceptable manner, especially if they tend to be abusive and threaten Avis employees who deal with their questions or reservations. The renter has had the opportunity to examine the rental vehicle before taking possession and, during such an inspection, he is not aware of the damage suffered by the vehicle, with the exception of those indicated in a separate document on existing damage. Liability form: this is a form attached to the rental conditions and which indicates the liabilities of the party responsible for the accident. It is essential to sign the liability form if; And it is only if the tenant is not the one who is responsible for the accident in the part involved that he is there to take his responsibilities and not run away.

    If the party involved in the accident accepts responsibility/fault for the accident in question, it is essential that the insurance bears all costs/fixing costs to bring the rented vehicle back to its original approved by the owner. If the renter / customer of the rented vehicle is not the one who is responsible for the accident in question and the other party takes care of all the debts, the renter is automatically excluded from the responsibility for the payment of the aforementioned damages….